Bamf-A2 Keg


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Our revamped BAMF-A2 Keg is modeled to ensure increased mobility with less fatigue. That’s right, we’ve revolutionized move, drink, communicate with a 3 Gallon keg that fits in your refrigerator until you are ready to move forward to your next objective. But wait, there’s more. As an additional feature, the BAMF-A2 makes clean up and refills easier with replaceable liners. No more hard to clean steel kegs or going to the local beer purveyor to fill your keg with your favorite beverage, you can do it all from the safety and comfort of FOB House. The carrying case is designed to look good and feel great while your party pump is lighter and just as effective.

Comes with party tap, carrying case, and liners.

*Safety Brief: do not overpressurize the keg and drink responsibly.

**Pre-order, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.